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How to get Robi Emergency Balance

What is Robi Emergency Balance ?
– It is a process of getting advance balance as credit when main balance is not sufficient to make calls.

What is the commercial name of Robi Emergency balance? 
– Jhotpot Emergency balance

What are the benefit of Robi Emergency Balance service  ?
– Benefits are, you can make call having advance balance.

How to activate Robi Emergency Balance ?
– To activate:  Dial 88111#

How to deactivate Robi Emergency Balance ?
– To deactivate or Stop:  Dial 88112#

How to check remaining balance ?
– To Check remaining balance: dial 22216#

Robi Emergency Balance Summary: 

  • To activate:  Dial *8811*1#
  • To deactivate or Stop:  Dial *8811*2#
  • To Check remaining balance: dial *222*16#

Watch TVC of Robi Jhotpot Emergency Balance:



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